Thursday, May 26, 2011

we need the pleasure motivation for our life..

I know that from time to time we all can use some words of motivation to inspire us, lift our spirits, and put our attention and focus back on to the goals and pursuits that are most important in our lives.

No matter how much motivation a person has, or the size of the goals and aspirations that they possess, without a strong self esteem, a strong confidence and belief in their abilities, success and happiness will not be attainable.

To achieve anything in life, and to simply live a happy and fulfilling existence, you need self confidence, self respect, and a high attitude of the self worth.

To illustrate the importance of these, as well as provide insight as to how they can be attained, I want to share some very motivating words from Dr. Denis Waitley in his book the psychology of winning.

Winners have a deep down feeling of their own worth.

They know that, contrary to popular belief, this feeling of self acceptance and deserving is not necessarily a legacy from wise and loving parents-history is full of saints who rose from the gutters and monsters who grew up in loving families.

Winners are not outer directed. Recognizing their uniqueness they develop and maintain their own high standards. Though they recognize the universality of fear and anxiety, winners don’t give in to these emotions.

Losing self talk: “
I’d rather be somebody else.”

Winning self talk: “
I do things well because I am that kind of a person.” Accept yourself as you are right now-an imperfect, changing, growing and worthwhile person.

Realize that liking yourself and feeling that you’re a super individual in your own special way is not necessarily egotistical.

In addition to taking pride in what you are accomplishing-and even more importantly-enjoy the unique person that you are just in being alive right now.

Understand the truth that although we as individuals are not born with equal physical and mental attributes, we are born with equal rights to feel the excitement and joy in believing that we deserve the very best in life.

Most successful people believe in their own worth, even when they have nothing but a dream to hold onto. Perhaps more than any other quality, healthy self esteem is the door to high achievement and happiness.