Monday, June 20, 2011

And the live show is still our main thing.

Bismillah..alhamdulilah.just a few days before i’m fly to that i will be more independent and for sure no LISTENING A CRYING HACKWARD!ngee~i ‘m getting older and more matured to be face that.haha.okei.this night.just a few talks a wanna post.

First.after 2 days not online my social networking,rase mcm tertinggl jauh je.haha.okei2.this night,i’m chat with @ARIF and frens to be.what a superb is they all awesome and sporting!haha.before i’m going to see them,i can feel that we have our chemist for our friendship.insyaallah.gaga.^_^

No problem that can’t solve wisely?right?okei.i’m quick damn in as i leave my works and mom’s work.haa.GTG.need to pray.nytes you all.NANNA is still miss my belog for every sec.salam.