Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fb is not the plce 2 search some1..
if i said like dat..cnfrm kepoh.haha!
we're chating before..then..
exchnge no.
he's maxis n i celcom..
rajin laq dye nk kol.haha.he said itz okey.nothing 2 be aware.

long tme no see..
mybe 3 years.
after i'm frther stdy at boarding skul.
he said dat..he try 2 ask my frenx..

forgot 2 tell him..

btw..he still remmber me.
its too late..

i'm not asking more about him..his life.
his career.
his stdy.
everything bout him.

wht i really dunt like bout him is..SMOKING..

the real one.
he's addicted with that.

i hope i can advce him again..
i think..
dulu da prnh ckp..
npe skunx dye da lupe.,T_T

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