Sunday, June 12, 2011

should i speak more or u can speak for my place?

hey babe!you all…I’ve a story tau..this whole day I’ve done my 1 novel..

{cinta kau dan aku}.wahh..seronok sgt..sbb.xsngka da 5 kali kahtam novel niey..ngee~ni kes xde kerja nk wat..mklum la.hari ni cuti peristiwa smpena kelate menang!opps!silap da..kalah ar!ala..kes POLITIK SUKAN..[*bak kata abg nanna la]hehe.!

Eh..nanna memang serious da about that.ha!amacam?garang tak??haha..

Okei..sejak dua menjak ni..asyik number sama je ganggu nanna..aisey man!kalou nk kacau ak pon,pikir2 ar..hang ingt cek xreti nk wat report ka?

Ciss..sebab number kau asyik kacau ak je kan..apakata kalou ak promote je number ko kat belogg ni..haha


No kat ats tu memang WANTED!so..sesaper yang rase boring,boley la nk amik ye..kasi free je..terengganu bolok!

Okei2.mmg frust giler gak biler kelantn kalah.haha!lawak sungguh!before the game,da tau da kalah..kes maen tipu da.naseb baek xpegi stdium.kalou x,cnfrm pening!haa^_^

Ha..this night I’m comment with photographer..nanna sudah tgok shoot dia..wahh!agak nice la..time shoot jln raya..really real..ngee..ISO is done.okei..nanna explain cikit about ISO nieyh..utk photographer yang memang pro,ISO dorang memang the best la..

Since digital cameras do not use film but use image sensors instead, the ISO equivalent is usually given.

What ISO denotes is how sensitive the image sensor is to the amount of light present. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the image sensor and therefore the possibility to take pictures in low-light situations.

And, where you would have needed to physically change to a different roll of film if you wanted a different ISO speed, digital technology allows you to simply dial one in. In this way, you can record images taken at different ISO speeds on the same memory card.

ISO Speed & Exposure

ISO speed affects the shutter speed / aperture combinations you can use to obtain correct exposure.

Suppose your digital camera's light meter warns you there is not enough light to correctly expose a scene. You could use the on-board flash, but let's suppose again it's not allowed (like in a concert or indoors recital).

You would then need to use a higher ISO. Set on "ISO Auto" mode, your digital camera will automatically select a higher ISO. Otherwise, you can manually select the next higher ISO and see if the increased sensitivity allows you to obtain a correctly exposed picture. If it does, you can now take a correctly exposed picture.

Similarly, if you find the camera is using a shutter speed that is too slow (1/60 sec. and slower) to handhold the camera steady and shake-free (thus resulting in blurred pictures), and you cannot open up the aperture anymore, and you do not have a tripod or other means to hold the camera steady, and you want to capture the action, etc. etc. -- then you might select the next higher ISO which will then allow you to select a faster shutter speed.

ISO Speed & Noise

However, all this increase in sensitivity does not come free. There is a price to pay with your image appearing more noisy.

See, when you boost the sensitivity of your image sensor by selecting a higher ISO, the image sensor is now able to record a fainter light signal. However, it is also true now that it will record fainter noise, where noise is any signal that is not attributed to the light from your subject. Remember that an image sensor is still an analog device and it generates its own noise, too! The increased sensitivity allows the image sensor to record more light signal and more noise. The ratio of light signal to noise (S/N ratio) determines the "noise" in your resultant image.

An image sensor is usually calibrated so that it gives the best image quality (greatest S/N ratio) at its lowest possible ISO speed. For most consumer digital cameras, this value will be expressed as ISO 50, ISO 64 or ISO 100. A few digital cameras use ISO 200 as their lowest ISO speed.

Just as with its film counterpart, an image sensor will exhibit "noise" (comparable to "graininess" in film) at the higher ISO speeds. Unlike film, where graininess can sometimes contribute to the mood of the image, noise produced by an image sensor is undesirable and appears as a motley of distracting coloured dots on your image. pleasure for take the nice shoot!

Be sure..kejap lagi nanna nk sahur..esok,I’m going to fasting..yup..for this nice month..bulan yang mulia..why not,I grab this moment..insyaallah..xde dugaan yang teruk sgt..^_^

Well..i’m waiting 12 am~!yes!wish to my little princess..

NURSYAHIRAH BT MOHD ASAARI..happy birthday..happy birthday to u dear..i will always love u..haa..even kadang2 adik manja sgt!naseb baek kakak baek tau..jeles bertempat..and..i’m so sorry for my mistake for this while..kakak tahu..bnyk sgt kakak wat adik tension..and..bersyukurlah sbb adik dpt kakak yang cun n baek ini!hahaa..sweet 10 girl dear..

Okei.nanna nk stop sini..sbb nanna going to see more pic dari arif.ha..cantek tau..Cuma..kalou lebey okei,shoot other lebey2 laq..sori2..^_^

Selamat bersweet dream!

with my new skuter!hee


  1. haha..weh aku pi kot bukit jalil tu...
    ganu menang je..grrr..hahaha...
    alala..klo pempuan x pyh ar pi..
    bab mmg dasat ar..bertolak tolak grrr


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