Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spread to others.


Sometimes what we thought 

of others feelings and thoughts
are actually just our thought.

If it is good , Alhamdulillah.
Go on. Pray for them
If it is not, muhasabah.

Pray for every of us

We can never feel calm
And happy if we never know
How to be happy and pray
For others happiness.

When people talk, listen.
Good ones, take it.
Bad ones, throw it away.
But never let strangers
Make you do what
Is actually doesn't
Define "YOU"

If what you do give harm to others,
If what you do benefits people,
Closer to the one up there,

Maybe not everyone,
But there are people out there
Whom we can share goodness
They need it

Untuk mentarbiyah diri adalah pada waktu yang sama, kita cuba sebaiknya berdakwah.
Walau sekecil zarah.
Ia masih kebaikan.
Tak sempurna
 Tapi moga baik je sampai pada semua

Go on.

Allah is ar-rahman
Allah is Ar-Rahim

O Allah protects us from

Any bad feelings in ourselves
Bad thought towards others
Bad thought towards things around
Spread positive vibes,
Even not everyone will
Like it . But remember,
Life is not about what people
Want us to be. 

Kalau tunggu sempurna,
Tiapa apa yang dapat disempurnakan.
Kalau tunggu semua puas hati,
Tiada apa yang kita buat benar dari hati.

"Bila bertembung kehendak Allah dengan manusia, pilih kehendak Allah."

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