Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dedicate 2 him:

..i dont know how i can descrbe how much i love him..till day..i really2 love him..i guess he's my true love..why should i say it?i know..he not appreciate me..i want our ship like others couple.even in a short while.for me.its so menaningful.God..please give me the strength.

i really appreciate him!

what should i do..?i know.its da fault if i'm in should focus 2 my spm.a just round a corner!"syazana!realize that!couple is not da best 2 solve ur prob!" mom said that n my dad n also my sist...


u guys..i need some1 2 be beside me..2 support me..i know.he's the best..he's da genius one..

he's the 1 who's support me when i'm at form 3...2 face da pmr exm..'re busy 4 our spm..coz.i know..itz really2 important...4 us..

BUT..4 sure..i know..he'll get flying colours..coz.he's da best student.n da one my mentor when we're stdy group's changed..i can feel it...100%..but..i dont know he had other gurls?omg..no2..

i trust him..God...

we'll texted last nyte~

shazhana:u..if i said i'm really2 love..can u accept it?

him:u..can u not talking the impossble thing?

shazhana:y?gve me ur expalaination..i need it!

him:its not nice.

shazhana:okey.fne..forget it n exchange other topic.rte?

him:ok..u first

shazhana:u..i think i had enough i rte?

him:what?u said that?haa.enough?maybee..for me..u are still my kid..

shazhana:what??haha..k..but..i think i had enough tall than u..

him:not really..last we meet..u ae still1^^

shazhana:fine..wait n cee...i'll try 2 be tall than u..haha

him:u need 2 drienk more appeton..calciyum

shazhana:what???calciyum?u know's da kid drink lol.

him:but.u can drink it.haha

shazhana:k.i need ur support..

him:need it??

shazhana:yup..really2 need it..

him:ok..i'll support u...



shazhana:u..can i ask something..


shazhana:why our relation is not based on line?means..i never thought n feel we're couple..

him:i dont know ..and..i dunt have answer ..

shazhana; my truely deep heart..u are my first n last..i hope that.


shazhana:k..i think my eye is so heavy n feel there's a giant on my eyes..hee..till text again..nytez.but.thanx

him:okey..thnx?4 what?

shazhana:coz u spend ur tme with me 2nyte.its long.n i really happy.thanx.


p:s/i think..i need him..need him very2 much..but if we're meant.



  1. yes, he always love being like this.. tend to make us love him, then keep silent.. :)


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