Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my deep heart say they're really true couple

alhamdulilah..dis nyte is da last nyte i'm go 4 tarawih..i hope so..for me.i need to upgrade my all action to be close with allah.ya allah...
after done tarawih..i'm back 2 home..but.i'm quickly go 2 my room n open my lappy.
and try 2 on9..
should i?haha..i'm like as usual,.hm.myb..
my sist done to try da new shawl that we bought...FOR EID ONLY..haha
btw.i rep all my fwenx comment at fb.and i'm search my friend...where's others????so sad..huhu..i need a friend..2 tell my sadness..
my sister?i guess should not.
around 10.30..i'm watched tv3 drama..coz i've told that the drama is ending dis nyte..:SYURGAMU RAMADHAN"..the title is so meaningful..its a sad story..but..if i..if i had yassin like my hubby will be..i will appreciate him as well..but..he should change his feel towards aishah..not adura~
i'm not understand..his mummy..why should he be a disrespectful son to his mummy???
afta the movie ending...i go back 2 my room and grab my lappy...i'm search kak julie's fb...coz comment 2 her..for eid..and i see izzat's fb..and i open it...what i think is really...he's kak julie's..
hm.n i open his blogger.n i read all his post..
WHAT I' REALLY SHOCK is..they're really love each other..
they are da best kapel..
may god bless them 4 their relation,,
i'm too..i hope i can get my lovers like him...really2 love me truely in his deep heart.and..i'm not ask for perfect.but for's enough if he is really love me n guide me 2 da benefit.
after i'm read his blog..i knoe..why the love is blind..
i really2 know it..

p:s/2 kak julie n izzat ..i hope u guys kekal ke akhir hayat..amen...

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