Friday, October 19, 2012

this is my sem 3 life

Hallo all! before that i'm want to make apologize because long time i didnt write in my blog:(
btw, i just finished all my sem 3 today and after this is study week and after raya haji is my final. ermm. i look forward what i'm did for my sem 3 and i was dissappointed when some of my partner didnt do her work like what ask. and i cant say that i will forgive her because "who are you to complaint everytghng?" awak tak buat kerja kot. jgn sebok duk ckp xda duit la apa ka. dah nama pun belajar so, habiskan la spent la duit utk project. tu pun xreti ke?

okay. I'm single right now and after this i just want to focus on my study because of guy that came in my life,makes my life more worse. and you, yes you.. kalau saya dah xcontact awk, jgn la sebok contact saya.
u have ur girlfriend already and it is not enough for u? please. act like u are matured person..

now, i'm happy with my life even it is miserable sometimes and i cant stand alone but thankful because i have my great and beloved family to support me, my loving friends annd and cik yun and also my abg, syazwan zaidi who always here when i have a problem.

and awak.. orang yand dah buang saya dlm hidup awak..
maaf ye myb sy tak perfect tp jgn sbuk duk hina saya la.. i know i come from kelantan and u are kl people but ur word is very harsh and till now i can't contact u. u will know who am i right? but please. dont make me do assumption that kl people is not nice.

thanks to all my lecturer for this sem sbb bnyk bg tunjuk ajar y tak terhingga and i'm very sorry to one of my lecturer sbb saya selalu dtg lmbt kelas sir. hehe. btw, saya mmg suka dkt sir. cuma useless bila dpt tau sir dah married. hehe. thanks sir..

orait,, how i wish after sem 3 is i dont want to meet any people who are make me annoyed because u are worthless if u get dean list but u didnt know how to do ur work with excellent. phui! 

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