Monday, November 19, 2012

They so special for me

assalamualaikum semua! dah maghrib ke belum ye?kalau belum,jom la maghrib dulu then baru kita online .

well. I nak told stories.yaa. sure its about, I'm getting 20y/ols next year.and the day comes so fast! auuu.. i can't imagine to reach 20 y/ols as sure i'm still looks like a kid. T_+

SEE! still like a kid right? no nonooo

i tried to be matured yahh.
event/ough i dont have boyfriend or someone special but i'm so thankful for giving me such an amazing people around me:
 1: my bestfriend since sem 1:  miss yuyun and miss anna

2:* syazwan zaidy [ my senior since i'm standard 1 but this year we contact each other after 8 years lost contact. how small world right.]
*i'm love him as my big brother and respect him as my brother also since I'm comfortable with him. 
*adik saye ko abe.

3: all my friends since i small till now. because i'm always keep in touch and sometimes they quite crazy.hehe

4: kudin. my old ex schoolmates sbpi pekan. and now, he studies at russian. erm.. i'm amazed with him. he's so genius and also caring as much as he can as a friend. thanks kudin for all advice. u make my life worthlife. 

5:tweet heart saya la!hehe

okay. that all for this post. see u olls soon! mmuuahh!:*

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