Monday, November 19, 2012

typical malaysian always beside us

hai! selamat malam semua bloggerwalking.
thanks singgah di blog I. well. not intresting right now entry I.. but, sure I will mke uolls y read my blog happy. insha Allah

okay. so, how I need to start? hmmm.. My Life is miserable? ohh.. who said like this?just because I dont have a boyfriend?chill. U know what, before this, I have lots of boyfriend. but then, since they are not suitable for me, yaa. maybe thats all my fault . I dont think so

previous, when I couple, I wasted my time, my study, my money and all this while i'm wasting my whole day to a man who are not my "imam". and sure, so wasted, U know why? because, all this while, i'm just take care of them and I'm too tired . miserable. and wasted all my life..

so, my ship ended quickly..xsmpai 2 months. so, yang penting, they olls couple dgn I xikhlas pun. yaa. I bukan nk tuding jari or what but after all , I can see everything. mybe xperlu i cerita kat sni kot.

my mom already said.: Kawan la dulu,kenal hati masing2. lagipun nanna ni muda lagi..habis dulu belajar then bru fikir pasal jodoh.. kalao x, after bljr, mama carikkan..

and.. what my respond? 
" ma, dah mls dah fkir pasal tu. y penting nk focus on study, then lepas tu, ikut la siapa2 y dtg masuk minang,ma trima je la."

it sound like i'm totally give up? No. actually tp I xnk sakitkn hati I lagi.. cukupla dah setahun I single in my heart. not in out.

Dear ex, if u read this entry, i hope u know me well. actually. u are not deserve to be my EX,EY,EZ.

Dear future, I really do not know u. But, I hope u read this entry. yaa.. because i want u to know what hapens to my life before I know U and U know me.

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