Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ahlan wasahlan ya 2013

N for N.A.N.N.A.S.H.A.Z.H.A.N.A

Ahlan wasahlan ya 2013!

I found hard to leave 2012 but still I need to leave 2012. Feel yahh! 2013-à SHOUT OUT for all my friends till now who still beside with me to through and face all challenging in our life.

Besides, I got more new friends in 2012, I should be thankful for those of them.

Without them, Im nothing in this 2012.
So, what comes next to 2013?


Since that, I just want to make one wish for my 2013 year.
Im not teenagers anymore since I entered 2013!

I’M 20 years old girl! Ohh . how I need to survive as an adult?how?
1; be matured
2; be thankful
3; be positive thinkers

And mostly is my wish in 2013, I want to be a good mukminat, a good daughter for Mohd Asaari bin Che Musa and also, for Puan Suriati bt Haji DaudJ

So, to my bestfriend, thanks so much because you always advice and told thing I should or shouldn’t did.

To my parents, thanks for always supporting your daughter. Lots love you all and heart you all!

To my friends who stay close or far from me, whenever you guys go, but still remember this one:

“ Allah s.w.t jadikan hamba-hambaNya utk bersyukur. Bersyukur kpdNya tatkala kita susah ataupun kita senang. Jangan jadikan alasan sebagai titik tolak untuk tidak mengerjakan apa yang disuruhNya dan meninggalkan apa yang dilarangNya”

So. 2013 hope give us more barakah in whatever we do , May Allah bless all of us. Ameen yarabbal alamin.

Lots of love, Nannashazhana


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