Monday, July 7, 2014

--post practicum-- post tesl

Salam ramadhan al kareem,,,

It was quite a long time Ididnt write in my blog.. *sigh.
actually Im quite busy after finished my diploma in tesl and right now my focus while waiting for pursue my degree,Im seeking for a job. 

But, alhamdulillah, for my cgpa , I got first class of honor.
after all 3 years I studied in tesl , at last I didnt expect whether this course is suitable or not for me untill I saw my last result. 4.00 .

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for all sponsorship,
for my lecturers ,my friends, and for the memories itself.

No matter how you survive,even in foundation or diploma,
you will never get the same experience same like me.

Maybe it was my destiny after all I rejected engineering course, medical course and whatsoever,
I choose tesl and at last it was my future careers.

some people said,
"OHH.Tesl was quite easy too score and BLA BLA BLA.."

halllo girls/boys,
you never know how difficult we are to survive in tesl course unless you are very expert in english.
but tesl course is not the path where you learnt english but the path where you need to use english to other societies.
*take note.

and now,
where should I apply for my degree?
what should I apply for my degree?

I am so confused and hmm. it okay.
rezeki takkan kemana.

I tried my best to find the better university .

and, after all during my practicum,I was so tensed and depressed because of my mentor in the school.
and ,I realized I dont want to be a teacher after I saw the way teacher's environment.
They was not so good,
can you imagine,
some teachers said "beruk ,bangang,monyet" to their students. 

I just observe the way the act.,
hmm.maybe, that why some students right now was not going well. 

mungkin dah kena sumpah dgn cikgu.'

Am I too good to be a teacher?
If rezeki sebagai guru,
I would be a good teacher for my students and I will never make other teachers y perangai mcm entah apa as a model.

doa doakan saya supaya dpt sambung belajar ye!

all is well! :) mmuah! 

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