Thursday, March 3, 2011


Vitamin E is good for your skin !!!!!

Hi everyone ! How are you guys doing?
Ok , today I want to talk about the benefits of Vitamin E . Did you know that Vitamin E can do miracles to your skin ? Here are some of the benefits :

-Regulator for Vitamin A
-Sun protection and Sun burn treatment (I LOVE VITAMIN E BECAUSE OF THIS!!! ^^)
-Treatment of skin diseases - erythema (a skin inflammation that results in reddish, painful, and tender lumps)
-Treatment of scars (ONCE AGAIN ,,, I LOVE VITAMIN E!!)
-To prevent Skin Cancer

So guys , taking Vitamin E can help you a lot . It improves your skin condition and of course to prevent Skin Cancer which is really good ! I love the fact that Vitamin E act as Sun protection and Sun burn treatment . This is because my skin is really sensitive to Sun ray's . It only took 1 hour to burn my skin and 1 WHOLE YEAR TO TREAT IT BACK . It sucks okay . -___-;

I also love the fact that Vitamin E can help to reduce scars . Since I have a major scar on my skin , I hope Vitamin E can reduce it . So , I asked my mom if she ever took Vitamin E before and she said yes . That's why her skin is FLAWLESS !!! I envy my mom's flawless face . Not only that , she also have a very fair skin tone . Now I know her secrets .. Muahahahaha!!

Ok , back to the point , have you ever wondered what are Vitamin E made of ? Well , it actually made of compounds called tocopherols .

What ?

So basically , it made of vegetable oil which you can found in whole seeds , whole nuts and soybean . You can find Vitamin E in these foods :

-nuts (almond , hazelnut )
-sweet potato (NYAMMS!!)
-sunflower seeds

Or you just can buy Vitamin E that sell in pharmacy . Recently , I bought Blackmores Bio E 500 and I take it daily . Anyway , Vitamin E is not only good for the skin , but it also good for :

-menstrual pain
-various diabetes related complications and maybe helpful in treating and preventing diabetes itself

just some of it ...

So what are you waiting for ? Go and take Vitamin E as your supplement rather than taking B***** InnerS**** or Kino******* BB***** , which I am postively sure thatBB***** is NOT HALAL . :P

Now go spread the great news to other~~^^
and always remember if you have a healthy life , you have a healthy and beautiful skin . And you are beautiful !! .... beautiful is a subject .... ^^


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